In religions, Ab-ra-ham-ic theologies, a subset of Ra theology, refers to the set of religions centered around the theory that all humans are descendant from a man name Abraham, the Torah version (500BC) of the family structure of Egyptian sun god Ra, whose name reads etymologically as ‘Father (B) – Ra (ra) – son of Nun (hma)’, which includes the following modern-day religions: [1]

Abrahamic religions
World beliefs

Ab-ra-ham-ic faiths:AbrahamChristianity 33%, Islam 20%, Judaism 0.2%, Baha’ism 0.1%, and Mandaeism 0.001%.53%

The morality system practiced in these religions is a heaven hell rebirth version of the Egyptian negative confessions morality system.

1. Thims, Libb. (2003). Human Thermodynamics, Volume 3. Unpublished manuscript. IoHT publications.

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