Alvin WeinbergIn hmolscience, Alvin Weinberg (1915-2006) (CR:6) was an American nuclear physicist noted for a number of publications on physics loosely applied to society topics, as cited by scholars such as: Glen Gordon, Marlan Blissett, and Gerard Nahum.

In 1967, Weinberg published Reflections on Big Science, wherein he makes a one-paragraph digression on classical thermodynamics. [1]

In 1972, Marlan Blissett, cited Weinberg's Reflections on Big Science, albeit in such a way to extrapolate views on “social thermodynamics”, asserting that Weinberg theorizes that the underlying process by intellectual “thermodynamic revolutions”, or paradigm changes in science, similar to the theme of Thomas Kuhn’s scientific revolution structure, are the result of two factors: available “energy levels”, a variation he culled from Leo Szilard who defining energy and entropy as having a meaning or measure as information) and the “second law” (entropy or disorder always tends to increase) both intertwined with Wienberg’s idea of the "semantic complexity" inherent in the various branches of science as they become more and more specialized, where at the same time science as a whole becomes more and more tensioned. [2]

In 1982, Weinberg published a few articles on information, Maxwell’s demon, and energy; which sometimes tend to get cited. [3]

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The following are noted quotes about Weinberg:

Thermodynamics, and the second law in particular, can be used quite effectively in dealing with many problems of our society and has been by several authors, notably Alvin Weinberg, Stephen Berry, and Barry Commoner.”
Glen Gordon (1981), “Thermodynamics and Society” [4]

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● Weinberg, Alvin M. (1959). “Energy as the Ultimate Raw Material” (Ѻ), presented at meeting of Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society, New Orleans, Apr 10.

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