A general depiction of the Egyptian god "Aten" the world's first monotheistic god, promoted by the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten from 1352 to 1336 BC.
In religio-mythology, Aten, or “jtn” (Egyptian), aka “Aton”, was the sole god (see: supreme god timeline) of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, in the Egyptian state capital of Amarna, from 1352 to 1336 BC, conceived as a monotheistic sun god version of the 18th dynasty syncretism or aggregate god “Amen-Ra = Atum”, being thereby the embodiment of the energy, as some have retrospectively characterized things, or heat of sun, whose rays of were thought of as the long out-stretched hands (or fingers) of god.

Old Testament
In the 19th century, many began to conjecture that Aten was the model forerunner to the god of the Old Testament of the Bible; many descriptions of the god of the Bible, e.g. that the Ten Commandments were written with the long outstretched “finger” of god (see: Aten’s fingers), concur to this conclusion.

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