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Left: a 1936 depiction, by American plant physiologist Frank Thone, of a plant as a light powered "CHNOPS Plus" system; a chemical upgrade to older late 18th century, albeit now-defunct (2009), term "biological" system (right). [1]
In terminology, bio-, from the Greek “life”, originating in the works of Euripides (c.460BC), via term “bios” (Georg Misch, 1950), is a defunct (see: defunct theory of life) prefix, commonly found in: “biology”, biochemistry, or “biophysics”, etc., meant to signify a living thing or certain types of matter (e.g. living matter) that are “alive”, meaning, referring, and or related, in modern terms, to powered CHNOPS+ matter.

Defunct | Obsolete
In the early 21st century, with the arrival of the defunct theory of life (2009) view, or life does not exist (2010) consensus, the theory of life is now classified as a defunct scientific theory, according to which, previously thought interred ideas such as vitalism or neo-vitalism, are but concluded to be Greek-coated historically ingrained religio-mythology notions, namely that certain things are “born”, “living”, and “die”, which is a premise not found in the modern hard sciences: chemistry, physics, and thermodynamics—or as English physiologist Charles Sherrington famously put it in 1936: [2]

Chemistry does not know the word life”.

Hence, terms such as: "biochemistry" (bio-chemistry), "biophysics" (bio-physics), or "biothermodynamics" (bio-thermodynamics) are defunct and nonfunctional neoplasm, rooted in religio-mythology. Or as English molecular genetics researcher Francis Crick put it in 1966: [3]

“Let us abandon the word ‘alive’.”

If, subsequently, chemistry does not know the word "life" and as such we are suggested to abandon the term "alive" and the related we must also abandon all Greek translations of such, namely: the ubiquitous prefix "bio-" must be expunged, rectified, and or upgraded in the vernacular of modern science.

See main: life terminology upgrades
The prefix “bio-”, in short, is a defunct scientific prefix. Upgrade alternatives include: “chnops-” (c.1936), "powered CHNOPS matter" (Henry Swan, 1974), “animate matter” (Alfred Ubbelohde, 1954), as in bio-physicist (defunct) → chnops-physicist (modern), or bio-chemistry (defunct) → chnops-physics, or life thermodynamics (defunct) or biothermodynamics (defunct) → animate thermodynamics (modern).

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