In religio-mythology, Buddha, aka “Fot” (Chinese) or “Beddou” (Volney, 1791) (Graves, 1875), the eponym of Buddhism, is the Indian (c.500BC) Osiris rescript. [1]

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“Beddou [Buddha] was born from the right flank of a virgin of royal blood, who did not cease to be a virgin for having become a mother; that the king of the country, uneasy at his birth, wished to destroy him, and for this purpose ordered a massacre of all the males born at that period, that being saved by shepherds, Beddou lived in the desert till the age of thirty years, at which time he began his mission to enlighten men and cast out devils; that he performed a multitude of the most astonishing miracles; that he spent his life in fasting and severe penitence, and at his death, bequeathed to his disciples a book containing his doctrines.”
Constantin Volney (1791), The Ruins (§XXI: Problem of Religious Contradictions)

1. Murdock, Dorothy. (c.2005). “Beddru is Beddou is Buddha” (Ѻ),

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