photo needed In human physics, Carlos Allones Perez (1955-) is a Spanish physicist and sociologist noted for his 2004 English online translation and commentary on Italian theoretical physicist Ettore Majorana’s famous circa 1935 last article “The Value of Statistical Laws in Physics and Social Sciences” [1]

Perez studied physics for two years in Santiago University after which he completed a PhD degree in political science and sociology in the Complutense University of Madrid. Currently, Perez is a sociology professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Perez has written at two books and several articles representative of his sociological views. [2]

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The following are some of Perez’ favorite quotes:

“I deny such an accusation, madam. Whatever may be my personal opinions I am not trying to impose them on your planet. I have simply taken up the task of clarifying certain truths and making your people aware of certain cold and hard mathematical equations, which will add up in the end to disaster and which cannot be changed by beliefs, prayers nor by soap operas broadcast over your video-nets.”
— George Martin (1986), Tuf Voyaging

1. Majorana, Ettore. (c.1935). “The Value of Statistical Laws in Physics and Social Sciences” (online reprint, with biography by Carlos Allones Pérez); Spanish version in: C. ALLONES (2004): “El valor de las leyes estadísticas en la Física y en las Ciencias Sociales”, Empiria, núm. 7: 183-209 Madrid.
2. Carlos Allones Perez (faculty) – University of Santiago de Compostela.

Further reading
● Perez, Carlos A. (date). Theory of Social Action. Publisher.
● Perez, Carlos A. (1999). Familia y Capitalismo (Family and Capitalismo). Univ Santiago de Compostela.

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