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A 1994 summary of Cox’s IQs by Dean Simonton. [2]
In IQs, a Cox IQ is one of the 301 IQs assigned by American psychologist Catherine Cox of the three-hundred greatest geniuses that lived between 1450 and 1850, as published in her famous 1926 book Early Mental Traits of Three Hundred Geniuses. [1]

This was the first attempt at assigning geniuses IQs, generally based on the methodology Cox's PhD advisor Lewis Terman, inventor of the modern IQ scale, used in assigning Francis Galton with an IQ of 200.

Cattell 1000
See main: Cattell 1000
In 1894, American psychologist, Science editor, and Popular Science Monthly founding editor James Cattell, starting with several standard reference works, compiled a list of the 1,000 most eminent creators and leaders in Western civilization, ranked according to amount of space they received, the results of which he summarized in his lecture “A Statistical Study of Eminent Men”. [3]

Started with Cattell’s list, Cox selected the best of the best, in terms of criterion such as those who achieved eminence own their own (as contrasted with throne inheritance based eminence), highest eminence rankings, etc., and also those who were of adulthood age from 1450 to 1850. [2]

Ranking methodology
To make this list, a team led by Cox, Lewis Terman, the co-inventor of the IQ test, and psychologists Florence Goodenaugh and Kate Gordon gave an historically determined IQ ranked listing of the top 300 geniuses who lived between 1450 and 1850, by reading through 1,500 biographies and to each genius independently assign an estimated intelligence quotient, based on The Stanford Revision of the Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale, based on each individual’s life accomplishments and childhood abilities.

List | 1-100
The following is the listing of Cox's IQs:

1.Goethe (75px) Goethe (IQ=210)
2.Gottfried Leibniz (75px) Leibnitz (IQ=205)
3.Hugo Grotius Grotius (IQ=200)
4.Thomas Wolsey Wolsey (IQ=200)
5.Pascal 75 Pascal (IQ=195)
6.Paolo Sarpi 75 Sarpi (IQ=195)
7.Isaac Newton (75px) Newton (IQ=190)
8.Laplace 75 Laplace (IQ=190)
9.Voltaire 75 Voltaire (IQ=190)
10.Schelling 75 Schelling (IQ=190)
11.Arnauld 75 Arnauld (IQ=190)
12.Berkeley 75 Berkeley (IQ=190)
13.Haller 75 Haller (IQ=190)
14.Melanchthon 75 Melanchthon (IQ=190)
15.Pitt (the Younger) 75 Pitt (the Younger) (IQ=190)
16.Galileo Galileo (IQ=185)
17.Lagrange 75 Lagrange (IQ=185)
18.Davy 75 Davy (IQ=185)
19.Jean d'Alembert 75 D'Alembert (IQ=185)
18.Auguste Comte 75 Comte (IQ=185)
17. Campanella (IQ=185)
21.Pierre Gassendi 75 Gassendi (IQ=185)
22. Humboldt, the Younger (IQ=185)
24. Leopardi (IQ=185)
25. Mirabeau (IQ=185)
26. Niebuhr (IQ=185)
27.Leonardo da Vinci Da Vinci (IQ=180)
29.Descartes 75 Descartes (IQ=180)
30.Francis Bacon 75 Bacon (IQ=180)
30.Michelangelo Michelangelo (IQ=180)
31.John Stuart MillMill (IQ=180)
32. Byron (IQ=180)
33. Arago (IQ=180)
34. Bailly (IQ=180)
35. Bentham (IQ=180)
36. Bossuet (IQ=180)
37. Brougham (IQ=180)
38. Chattterton (IQ=180)
39. Condorcet (IQ=180)
40. Dickens (IQ=180)
41. Erasmus (IQ=180)
42. Fenelon (IQ=180)
43. Gibbon (IQ=180)
44. Hugo (IQ=180)
45. Justus Liebig 75Liebig (IQ=180)
46. Malebranche (IQ=180)
47. Milton (IQ=180)
48. Musset (IQ=180)
49. Oersted (IQ=180)
50. Peel (IQ=180)
51. Pope (IQ=180)
52. Scalinger (IQ=180)
53. Stael (IQ=180)
54. Tasso (IQ=180)
55.Huygens 75 Huygens (IQ=175)
56. Kepler (IQ=175)
Kant (IQ=175)
57.Spinoza Spinoza (IQ=175)
58.Joseph Gay-Lussac 75 Gay-Lussac (IQ=175)
59. Humboldt, W. (IQ=175)
60. Bunsen (IQ=175)
61. Spenser (IQ=175)
62. Adams, J. Q. (IQ=175)
63. Agassiz (IQ=175)
64. Bichat (IQ=175)
65. Buggon (IQ=175)
66. Calvin (IQ=175)
67. Cardan (IQ=175)
68. Coleridge (IQ=175)
69. Cuvier (IQ=175)
70. Jonson, B. (IQ=175)
71. Lamennais (IQ=175)
72. Macaulay (IQ=175)
73. Southey, R. (IQ=175)
74. Thou (IQ=175)
75. Vega, de (IQ=175)
76. Wolf, F.A. (IQ=175)
77.Lavoisier 75 Lavoisier (IQ=170)
78.Faraday Faraday (IQ=170)
79.Lazare Carnot 75 Carnot (IQ=170)
80. Hamilton (IQ=170)
81. Atterbury (IQ=170)
82. Bentley (IQ=170)
83. Calderon
84. Canope (IQ=170)
85. Chalmers (IQ=170)
86. Chalmers (IQ=170)
87. Constant (IQ=170)
88. Fichte (IQ=170)
89. Handel (IQ=170)
90. Irving W. (IQ=170)
91. Kotzebue (IQ=170)
92. Longfellow (IQ=170)
93. Luther (IQ=170)
94. Marat (IQ=170)
95. Metastasio (IQ=170)
96. Napier (IQ=170)
97. Penn (IQ=170)
98. Racine (IQ=170)
99. Raphael (IQ=170)
100. Renan (IQ=170)
101. Reuchlin (IQ=170)
102. Robespierre (IQ=170)
103.Adam Smith 75 Smith, A. (IQ=170)
104. Strauss (IQ=170)
105. Tennyson (IQ=170)
106. Turgot (IQ=170)
107. Velasquez (IQ=170)
108. Vergniaud (IQ=170)
109. Wagner (IQ=170)
110. Wieland (IQ=170)
111.Boerhaave 75Boerhaave (IQ=165)
112.Darwin 75Darwin (IQ=165)
113.Watt 75Watt (IQ=165)
114.Denis Diderot 75Diderot (IQ=165)
115.Beethoven 75Beethoven (IQ=165)
116.Bach 75Bach (IQ=165)
117. Addison (IQ=165)
118. Bayle (IQ=165)
119. Beaumarchais (IQ=165)
120. Beza (IQ=165)
121. Bronte, C. (IQ=165)
122. Burnet (IQ=165)
123. Canning (IQ=165)
124. DeFoe (IQ=165)
125. Disraeli (IQ=165)
126. Fielding (IQ=165)
127. Fouche (IQ=165)
128. Guicciardini (IQ=165)
129. Guizot (IQ=165)
130. Guizot (IQ=165)
131. Hastings (IQ=165)
132.Hegel 75 Hegel (IQ=165)
133. Heine (IQ=165)
134. Herder (IQ=165)
135. William Herschel 75Herschel, W. (IQ=165)
136.Thomas Hobbes 75 Hobbes (IQ=165)
137. Holberg, L. von (IQ=165)
138. Jenner (IQ=165)
139. Johnson (IQ=165)
140. Law (IQ=165)
141. Carl Linnaeus 75Linnaeus (IQ=165)
142. Locke (IQ=165)
143. Mazzini (IQ=165)
144. Mendelssohn (IQ=165)
145. Montaigne (IQ=165)
146.Mozart 75 Mozart (IQ=165)
147. Newman, J.H. (IQ=165)
148.Priestley 75 Priestley (IQ=165)
149.Rayleigh 75Raleigh (IQ=165)
150. Robertson (IQ=165)
151. Sainte-Beuve (IQ=165)
152.Schiller 75Schiller (IQ=165)
153. Scott (IQ=165)
154. Shaftesbury (IQ=165)
155. Sheridan, R.B. (IQ=165)
156. St. Simon (IQ=165)
157. Swedenborg (IQ=165)
158. Tieck (IQ=165)
159. Weber (IQ=165)
160. Webster (IQ=165)
161. Winckelmann (IQ=165)
162. Wordsworth (IQ=165)
163. Zwingli (IQ=165)
164. Alfieri (IQ=160)
165. Andrewes (IQ=160)
166.Berzelius 75 Berzelius (IQ=160)
167.Boyle 75Boyle (IQ=160)
168. Bunyan (IQ=160)
169. Canova (IQ=160)
170. Channing (IQ=160)
171. Chateaubriand (IQ=160)
172. Chesterfield (IQ=160)
173. Claredon (IQ=160)
174. Clarke, S. (IQ=160)
175.Copernicus 75 Copernicus (IQ=160)
176. Corneille (IQ=160)
177. Cowper (IQ=160)
178. Dryden (IQ=160)
179. Dupin (IQ=160)
180. Eliot, G. (IQ=160)
181. Etienne (IQ=160)
182. Franklin, B. (IQ=160)
183. Gaskell, E.C.S. (IQ=160)
184. Grimm, J.L. (IQ=160)
185. Grote (IQ=160)
186. Haydn (IQ=160)
187. Helvetius (IQ=160)
188. Hunter (IQ=160)
189. Jansen (IQ=160)
190. Jefferson (IQ=160)
191. Lamartine (IQ=160)
192. Lessing (IQ=160)
193. L'Hopital (IQ=160)
194. Madison (IQ=160)
195. Martineau, H. (IQ=160)
196. Mazarin (IQ=160)
197. Moliere (IQ=160)
198. Richelieu (IQ=160)
199. Rubens (IQ=160)
200. Sand (IQ=160)
201. Schleiermacher (IQ=160)
202. Sevigne (IQ=160)
203. Sumner, C. (IQ=160)
204. Thiers (IQ=160)
205. Wesley (IQ=160)
206. Adams, J. (IQ=155)
207. Ait Weil Zade (IQ=155)
208. Balzac (IQ=155)
209. Baxter (IQ=155)
210. Beranger (IQ=155)
Bulwer (IQ=155)
Cervantes (IQ=155)
Pitt (the Younter) (IQ=155)
Cervantes (IQ=155)
Cobden (IQ=155)
Danton (IQ=155)
Durer (IQ=155)
Emerson (IQ=155)
Fox, G. J. (IQ=155)
Fox, George (IQ=155)
Fulton, R. (IQ=155)
Gambetta, L.M. (IQ=155)
Hamilton, A. (IQ=155)
Hawthorne, N. (IQ=155)
La Fontaine (IQ=155)
Maintenon (IQ=155)
Miller, Hugh (IQ=155)
More (IQ=155)
Necker (IQ=155)
O’Connell (IQ=155)
Palestrina (IQ=155)
Pitt (the Elder) (IQ=155)
Prescott (IQ=155)
Rembrandt (IQ=155)
Savonarola (IQ=155)
Seward (IQ=155)
Swift (IQ=155)
Temple, W. (IQ=155)
Van Dyck (IQ=155)
Walpole (IQ=155)
Warburton (IQ=155)
Wilberforce (IQ=155)
Blake, H. (IQ=155)
Bright (IQ=150)
Burns (IQ=150)
Cobbett (IQ=150)
Franklin (IQ=150)
Lincoln (IQ=150)
Marmont (IQ=150)
Moore (IQ=150)
Murillo (IQ=150)
Nelson (IQ=150)
Rousseau (IQ=150)
Soult (IQ=150)
Thackeray (IQ=150)
Wilkes (IQ=150)

Alberoni (IQ=145)
Anderson, H. C. (IQ=145)
Blucher (IQ=145)
Garrison, W.L. (IQ=145)
Gluck (IQ=145)
Hogarth (IQ=145)
Jackson, A. (IQ=145)
Marlborough (IQ=145)
Meheme Ali (IQ=145)
Moreau (IQ=145)
Napoleon (IQ=145)
Poussin (IQ=145)
Reynolds (IQ=145)
Rossini (IQ=145)
Sherman (IQ=145)
Bernadotte (IQ=140)
Clive (IQ=140)
Cortez (IQ=140)
Garibaldi (IQ=140)
Lee, R.E. (IQ=140)
Monk (IQ=140)
Vauban (IQ=140)
Washington (IQ=140)

+ 11 more below 140


1. (a) Cox, Catherine. (1924). “On the Early Mental Development of a Group of Eminent Men”, dissertation/thesis. Stanford University.
(b) Cox, Catharine, M. (1926). Early Mental Traits of Three Hundred Geniuses (Genetic Studies of Genius Series). Stanford Univ Press.
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(b) Kaufman, James C. and Sternberg, Robert J. (2010). The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity (pg. 180). Cambridge University Press.
(c) James McKeen Catttell – Wikipedia.

See also
● Hart, Michael. (1978). The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. Citadel Press.
● Simmons, John G. (2000). The Scientific 100: a Ranking of the Most Influential Scientists, Past and Present. Citadel Press.

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Estimated IQs of the Greatest Geniuses – (Goethe ranked 1st (IQ = 210))
Cox's IQ Estimates of 301 Geniuses -

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