photo needed In existographies, Critias (c.460-403BC) (CR:13) (FA:6) was a Greek politician and philosopher, an associate of Socrates, noted for his atheism views, the Critias hypothesis in particular.

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“Critias seems to be from the ranks of the atheists when he says that the lawgivers of ancient times invented god as a kind of overseer of the right and wrong actions of men. Their purpose was to prevent anyone from wronging his neighbors secretly, as he would incur the risk of vengeance at the hands of the gods.”
Sextus Empiricus (c.200AD) (Ѻ); outline of the Critias hypothesis

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● Sutton, Dana. (1981). “Critias and Atheism” (Ѻ), The Classical Quarterly, 31(1):33-38.

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