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Daniel SchroederIn animate thermodynamics, Daniel Vernon Schroeder (c.1962-) is an American high-energy physicist noted for his 2000 An Introduction to Thermal Physics, wherein he includes a diagram that explains the “creation” of a rabbit (or human) in chemical thermodynamic terms, namely that: [1]

“To create a rabbit [or human] out of nothing and place it on the table, the magician need not summon up the entire enthalpy, H = U + PV. Some energy, equal to TS, can flow in spontaneously as heat; the magician must provide only the difference, G = H – TS, as work.”

Schroeder completed his BS (in physics?) at Carleton College in 1984, his PhD at Stanford University, with the 1990 dissertation “Beamstrahlung and QED backgrounds at future linear colliders”, done at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, after which he then taught physics at Pomona College, Grinnell College, and since 1993 has been a physics professor at Weber State University, Utah.
Original version (by Karen Thurber)Hmolpedia version (by Libb Thims)
Create a rabbit (free energy diagram)Human free energy (diagram)
Rabbit (extensive-intensive)The thermodynamic magician creating a rabbit diagram (Figure 5.1) (above left) and remade Hmolpedia version (above right) by American artist Karen E. Thurber, as found in Schroeder's 2000 Thermal Physics.

Thurber, to boot, also made the one rabbit, two rabbit diagram (Figure 5.9), as shown adjacent (right), to visually aid in the explanation of extensive as compared to intensive variables.

This latter model, to note, has issues with it, in particular being that in the range of single particle thermodynamics or single molecule thermodynamics (each rabbit considered as an animate molecule, e.g. fish molecule), the issue of what becomes of "extensity" or "intensity" of thermodynamic variables, in the small system thermodynamics range, becomes a subject of discussion and further investigation; one point of view of which, as advocated by American chemical engineering thermodynamcist Ali Mansoori, being that the roles are reversed. [2] More mathematical thermodynamics investigation is needed in this area (particularly in the work of Leonhard Euler, possibly via modification to the Euler reciprocity relation).

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1. Schroeder, Daniel V. (2000). An Introduction to Thermal Physics (magician diagram, pg. 150; one rabbit, two rabbit diagram, pg. 163). Addison Wesley Longman.
2. Mohazzabri, Pirooz, and Mansoori, Ali G. (2005). “Nonextensivity and Nonintensivity in Nanosystems: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation” (abs), Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 2(1): 138-47(10).

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