David DepewIn evolution thermodynamics, David Joseph Depew (1942-) is an American science philosopher noted for a number of articles and books on the overlap of thermodynamics, evolution, and philosophy.

In 1996, Depew, in his Darwinism Evolving, co-authored and Bruce Weber, according to a review by blogger Jeremy Lent, used a good amount of physics and thermodynamics in an attempt to update the Darwin-view of evolution theory, citing the works of those as Karl Marx, Ronald Fisher, Alfred Lotka, Erwin Schrodinger, Ilya Prigogine, among others. [1]

Depew seems to have also written on Aristotle and the various pre-Darwin theories of evolution.

Depew completed his BA in (1965) at St. Mary’s College of California, and his MA in 1972 and PhD in 1878, the latter with a thesis on “Narration and Explanation in History”, both at the University of California, San Diego. Currently Depew is professor emeritus of the University of Iowa.

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