photo needed In cosmological thermodynamics, David Layzer (c.1925-) is an American astrophysicist note for his 1975 Scientific American article “The Arrow of Time”, in which he discusses entropy changes in an expanding universe (in the context of the arrow of time), and for his 1990 book Cosmogenesis, in which he attempts to explain how the expansion of the universe allows ordered, or correlated, relational regimes to arise and persist, notwithstanding the second law, in terms of the rate of expansion outrunning the rate of equilibration involved at local scales. [1]

Layzer completed his BS in physics (1947) and PhD in astrophysics (1950) at Harvard University and retired as a Harvard astrophysics professor in 1998. [2]

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Layzer entropy model (1975)
A summary of Layzer's 1975 entropy gap model of the universe, according to a 2011 summary by American physicist Robert Doyle. [3]

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