In existographies, Demetrius (c.160-90BC), aka the “Laconian” (Ѻ), was an Epicurean philosopher, disciple of Protarchus, teacher of Philodemus, noted for []

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Time is an accident of accident.”
Epicurus (c.300BC), On Nature; cited by Demetrius (c.120BC); cited by Sextus Empiricus (c.200AD) in Against Professors (§10.219-27)

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“All the natural philosophers form Thales to Plato rejected a vacuum. Empedocles says that there is nothing of a vacuity in nature, nor anything superabundant. Leucippus, Democritus, Demetrius, Metrodorus, and Epicurus as say that the atoms are in number infinite; and that a vacuum is infinite in magnitude. The stoics say that within the compass of the world there is no vacuum, but beyond it the vacuum is infinite. Aristotle says that the vacuum beyond the world is so great that the heaven has liberty to breath into it, for the heaven is fiery.”
— Pseudo Plutarch (c.150AD), The Opinions of the Philosophers (§1.18: Of a Vacuum); cited by Otto Guericke (1672) in chapter “Empty Space” [1]
1. Guericke, Otto. (1663). The New (So-Called) Magdeburg Experiments of Otto von Guericke (Experimenta Nova (Ut Vocantur) Magdeburgica de Vacuo Spatio). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Johann Jansson, 1672 (Latin); English translation by Margaret Ames (GB) (Amz) (pg. 87). Springer, 1993.

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