Edouard NavilleIn existographies, Edouard Naville (1844-1926) was a Swiss archaeologist, Egyptologist, and Biblical scholar noted for []

Recension theory
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In 1886, Naville published the so-called “Saite recension” (26th dynasty | 600BC) of the Book of the Dead, based upon a particularly complete papyrus in the Turin Museum. [3] Naville, supposedly, asserted that prior to this there was a “Theban recension” (18th-19th dynasties | 1550-1200BC), i.e. a revision made before the Late Period. [1]

In 1886, Naville published a history of the Theban recension. (Ѻ)

Egyptology | Genesis
In 1915, Naville delivered a series of Schweich Lectures on the Old Testament in respect to Egyptology, wherein, in defense of newer radical views that the light of Egyptian mythology where shedding on previously held Old Testament scholarship, wherein he attacked the “documentary hypothesis”, defending the traditional that Moses was the sole author of Genesis; the following being an example quote: [2]

“Here as in my former works I have preserved for Jehovah or the Lord the name ‘Yahveh’, which is now in current use, although its accuracy has been contested since the discovery of the papyri of Elephantine and the potsherds of Samaria. Quite recently Cowley has shown that the ancient form of the word is ‘Iaho’ or ‘Iahou’, and that the tetragram is of post-exilic origin.”

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In 1891, Naville became a professor of Egyptology at the University of Geneva.

Quotes | Employed
The following are quotes employed by Naville:

“If a sacred book is found to state what is not true, should it still be considered sacred?”
Voltaire (c.1750) [2]

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