photo neededIn hmolscience, Forbes Allan (c.1960-) is an American writer noted, in literature thermodynamics, for his 1999 novel Milton’s Progress, wherein he uses dialogue method to discuss Prigogine-based human molecular theory philosophy.

In 1999, Allan, in his novel Milton’s Progress, presented themes on people as molecules, i.e. human molecules, employed the rare pre-21st century term use of the term “human thermodynamics”, discussioned of a fourth law of thermodynamics, much of which is thematically or philosophically based on references to the ideas of Belgian chemist Ilya Prigogine, among other interesting themes; the following being a noted passage: [1]

“People are like particles, they behave in groups as if they were molecules in a test-tube.”

In chapter 21, we find a conversation between a character named John and a Dr. Snipe, along with references to a “Ilya Meiliakin” (a play on Belgian thermodynamicist Ilya Prigogine) concerning human life, which is described as “the most effective multiplier of entropic decay in the universe”, and man’s quest to understand his function in the scheme of things: [2]

“It’s just human thermodynamics, my friend,” John said stiffly, “you’re inside the jaws of laws beyond your ken.” That’s an acer poem, he decided, which nicely sums up the plight of humankind and the worthlessness of being. “Maybe I’ve stumbled upon a new law of physics!” it flashed on him suddenly: “—that life-driven anti-entropic processes are an integral component of all the second law activities and provide an engine with which to accelerate the overall degradation of energy into heat! … Or would that be a ‘fourth’ law of thermodynamics? …”

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Allan's book, to note, seems never to have been published with an ISBN and seems to have been available only as a mail order self-published book through a now defunct Rowanlea Grove Press. Several sample chapters were online, via (now defunct), between 2003 and 2005, and now only can be found though Internet Archive. [3]

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