photo neededIn hmolscience, Harold E. Leonard (c.1926-) is an American professor emeritus of chemistry from Cayuga Community College noted for his January 2006 letter “Chemical Thermodynamics in the Real World” in which he reprinted an excerpt of American chemical thermodynamicist Frederick Rossini’s 1971 Priestley Medal address: “Chemical Thermodynamics in the Real World”, to allude to the suggestion that chemical thermodynamics could be used to help society understand freedom and security in relation to post 9/11 terrorism. [1] Leonard’s letter launched the Rossini debate.

In 1955, Leonard taught high school chemistry for one year. In 1956, owing to a pay increase, he began teaching chemistry at Auburn Community College (now called Cayuga Community College), Auburn, New York. He retired from Cayuga Community College in 1996, continuing as an adjunct professor until 2000; making donations to the college up until at least 2006. (ΡΊ) [2]


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