Hilton HotemaIn existographies, Hilton Hotema (1878-1970) (RMS:107) (CR:12), the pen name (Ѻ) of George R. Clements, was an American new age religio-mythology scholar noted for []

In 1956, Hotema, in his The Ancient Sun God, citing Samuel Dunlap (1858), was making astro-theology connections in respect to the etymology of Abraham. [1]

In 1963, Hotema, in his The Secret of Regeneration, citing citing Samuel Dunlap (1858) and Charles King (1864), was making the Abraham and Brahma connection, a follows:

“The story of Abraham is a myth. Abraham himself is a myth. It was usual with the Old Arabians to regard Saturn and Abram as their progenitor, and while looking upon Saturn as their father ... He was a child named Ab-ram, and this name is later changed to Ab-ra-ham. Charles King in his work, The Gnostics, states that the words "brahma" and "abrahrn" have the same numerical value. When we run this ‘allegory’ down, we discover that Abram (Abraham) is just another myth of the sun.”


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