Julie PrandiIn hmolscience, Julie Prandi (1951-) is an American Germanic studies scholar noted for her 1993 Dare to be Happy! A Study of Goethe’s Ethics, wherein she discusses Goethe’s so-labeled “natural morality”, as derived from the atomic theory based ethics of Epicurus and Lucretius, and the god equals nature infused ethics of Spinoza, similar to but deviating from that of Kant’s morality and Aristotle’s morality. [1]

Prandi argues, curiously, that Goethe believed in the essential unity of nature to the effect that he hoped to develop a sort of unified field theory that would connect magnetism, electro-chemical reactions, and colors. [1]

1. Prandi, Julie D. (1993). Dare to be Happy! A Study of Goethe’s Ethics (electricity, pg. 91). University Press of America.

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