Justin MartyrIn existographies, Justin Martyr (100-165AD) (CR:3) was a Christian apologist – the "first and most distinguished" apologist (Taylor, 1829) – noted for []

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Justin Martyr [c.150] says that Christ was born on the same day on which the sun was re-born in stabulo Augiae, and the stable of Angles, cleansed by Hercules in his sixth labor, corresponds to the cave in Capricorn, which is the cave of Mithra and of the other saviors. Abba Udda, the Akkadian name of the tenth month, answering roughly to Dec, the month of Capricorn, denotes the cave of light. The cave or winter solstice in Capricorn was the birthplace of the Mithraic Messiah from 2410 to 255 BC and this was continued as the cave or birthplace of the Christ after it had ceased to be applicable to the solar god. Justin, however (determined to include both), asserts that Christ was born in the stable and afterwards took refuge in the cave." But no messiah, whether called Mithra, Horus or Christ could have been born in the stable of Augias, or the cave of Abba Udda, on the 25th of Dec, after the date of 255BC because the solstice had passed out of that sign into the constellation of Sagittarius.”
— Robert Shaw (1904), Sketch of the Religions of the World (pg. 209); elaborated re-quote of Gerald Massey (c.1890) in The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ (pg. 41)

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“For by declaring the logos, the first begotten of god, our master, Jesus Christ, to be born of a virgin without any human mixture, to be crucified and dead, and to have risen again into heaven; we say no more in this, than what you say of those whom you style the sons of Jove [Jupiter], &c. As to the son of god, called Jesus, should we allow him to be nothing more than man, yet the title of the ‘son of god’ is very justifiable upon the account of his wisdom, considering that you have your Mercury in worship under the title of ‘the word’, and ‘messenger of god’.”
— Justin Martyr (c.150AD) [1]

“When we say that that Jesus Christ was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended to heaven, we propound nothing new or different from what you believe regarding those whom you call the sons of Jupiter.”
— Justin Martyr (150AD) Source; in The God Who Wasn’t There (21:30) (Ѻ)

“For when they say that Dionysus arose again and ascended to heaven, is it not evident the devil has imitated the prophecy?”
— Justin Martyr (150AD) Source; in The God Who Wasn’t There (22:56) (Ѻ)

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