Kersey Graves s In existographies, Kersey Graves (1813-1883) was an American free thinker and religio-mythology scholar, noted for []

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Graves influenced: Madalyn O’Hair, Dorothy Murdock, and Tom Harpur.

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Zoroaster [800BC]: A virgin will conceive and bear a son, and a star would appear blazing at midday to signalize the occurrence. When you behold the star, follow it wherever it leads you. Adore the mysterious child, offering him gifts with profound humility. He is indeed the almighty word which created the heavens. He is indeed your lord and everlasting king.”
— Kersey Graves (1875), The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors; cited by Tom Harper (2014) as example of Jesus parallel [1]

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Further reading
● Graves, Kersey. (1865). The Biography of Satan: An Historical Exposition of the Devil and His Fiery Dominions – Disclosing the Oriental Origin of the Belief in a Devil and Future Endless Punishment; Also, An Explanation of the Pagan Origin of the Scriptural Terms, Bottomless Pit, Lake of Fire and Brimstone, Chains of Darkness, Casting Out Devils, Worm That Never Dieth, etc. (forward: Paul Tice and Marshall Gauvin). The Book Tree, 1999.
● Graves, Kersey. (1879). The Bible of Bibles: Twenty-Seven ‘Divine Revelations’: Containing a Description of Twenty-seven Bibles, and an Exposition of Two Thousand Biblical Errors in Science, History, Morals, Religion, and General Events; Also a Delineation of the Characters of the Principal Personages of the Christian Bible, and an Examination of Their Doctrines. Colby & Rich.

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