Laszlo Tisza nsIn thermodynamics, Laszlo Tisza (1907-2009) was a Hungarian-born American physicist noted for his 1963 definition of the subject of quantum thermodynamics in structural form, and for his 1966 textbook Generalized Thermodynamics, in which he was the first to use the term Gibbsian thermodynamics, with clarification, to a significant degree. [1]

Tisza studied mathematics and physics in 1928 at the University of Gottingen, studying under those such as Max Born, where he began his life-long search to find a better connection between physics and mathematics. After completing his PhD thesis on molecular spectra, submitted in Budapest, Tisza joined Russian physicist Lev Landau’s group in Kharkov, where he was much influenced by Landau’s integration of thermodynamics into modern physics. In 1941, Tisza immigrated to the United States joining the MIT physics department, in connection with the MIT school of thermodynamics, where he set up a rigorous but intuitive course in thermodynamics and statistical physics.

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