Leong Ying nsIn hmolscience, Leong Ying (c. 1960-) is a Asian-born American nuclear physicist noted, in literature thermodynamics, for his 2002 semi nonfictional "twin universes theory" about entropy and being, or something along these lines.

In 2002, Ying published an online semi-nonfiction idea called twin universes theory, an attempt to explain life, consciousness, dark matter, and cosmic expansion, second law, then in the form of a science fiction book Klystar, the latter of which incorporates Chinese principle of Yin-Yang with laws of thermodynamics to postulate the existence of a “single omnipotent consciousness” or god, bonded by a force akin to love, residing in the parallel universe. [1]

The book tells the story of a young man named Leo on his quest to discover his own origins and learn the truths of the universe. Ying's theory was originally conceived in 1995 in the context of the fictional sci-fi novel, but soon more of the theory began to emerge out of the writing, to which he now devotes more of his time to.

Ying’s theory, in theme, seems to be a cross between French philosopher Pierre Teilhard’s 1916 second law based omega point theory, American mathematician William Sidis’ 1920 entropy reversal theory, and American engineer Ronald Pearson's 1990 intelligent ether theory, possibly geared along the lines of Russian engineer Yevgeny Zamyatin's futuristic 1920 thermodynamics-based novel We. The following is the structural overview to Ying’s theory: [2]

Laws of the Total Universe
First law of thermodynamicsEnergy of the universe is conserved.
Second law of thermodynamicsEntropy of the universe is conserved.
Law of Ying YangThere is a natural order in the universe acting as the foundation of all things, the mother of all change, and the root of life and death; whereby in healing, one must grasp the view that the root of disharmony is subject to the actions of Yin and Yang.

Postulates of the Total Universe
First postulateThe total universe is composed of two symmetric systems, a positive universe and a negative universe. Both universal systems occupy the same space-time.
Second postulateEnergy can flow between both universe systems, but the total energy in the total universe is conserved:

E_{total-universe} = E_{positive-universe} + E_{negative-universe} \,
Third postulate Entropy can flow between both universal systems, but the total entropy in the universe is conserved:

S_{total-universe} = S_{positive-universe} + S_{negative-universe} \,
Fourth postulateGravity dictates the direction of of entropy change (time).
Fifth postulateLife on earth exists only in the positive universe.

Formulae of the Total Universe
EnergyE = Q + W \,
EntropyS = \frac{Q}{T}\,
Entropy (statistical)S = k \ln \Omega \, (where k is the Boltzmann constant and Ω is the number of microstates)
Positive entropyS = k \ln D \,
Negative entropyS = k \ln \frac{1}{D} \, (where D is a measure of disorder and 1/D is a measure of order).

In the positive universe, according to Ying, which is where earth is, the original second law states that "for irreversible processes, the entropy of the enclosed system must increase, or put another way, all real processes move towards a state of maximum disorder." [2]

Ying is a former atheist, who up until circa 2003 considered himself to be an anti-religious as well as a "religious bigot" who viewed religious people as "losers who needed to get a life", but has since, in his mind, discovered a bridge between science and faith, viewing god as a “single omnipotent consciousness”. His 2007 book, according to reviews, presents a scientific proof of God in an easy to understand, powerful way for non-scientists.

Ying completed his BS in physics in 1983 and PhD in nuclear physics in 1987 both at the University of Liverpool.

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