photo neededIn existographies, Logan Mitchell (c.1802-1881) was a British free thinker noted for his 1842 Christian Mythology Unveiled, wherein he advocated, via the term "christian mythology", the subject of Christ myth theory, giving digression on things such as the Osiris, Dionysus-Bacchus, and Moses connection.

In 1842, Mitchell, inspired by Percy Shelley, published Christian Mythology Unveiled, wherein, supposedly, he discussed the connections between Sarah, Sirius (Dog Star), and the start of the annual flooding of the Nile. [1]

Mitchell has been influential to: Dorothy Murdock. [2]

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Knowledge is called infidelity: Hence the few who know aught worth recording, and were fools enough to vent their free opinions, what has been their recompense and their reward? The stake, the *****, and the cross.”
Johann Goethe (1832), Faust; cited in: Religion in the Heavens: or Mythology Unveiled (Ѻ)

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Jesus Christ in the New Testament, has no reference whatever to any event that ever did in reality take place upon this globe; or to any personages that ever in truth existed: and that the whole is an astronomical allegory, or parable, having invariably a primary and sacred allusion to the sun, and his passage through the signs of the zodiac; or a verbal representation of the phenomena of the solar year and seasons.”
— Logan Mitchell (1842), Christian Mythology Unveiled (pg. 151) (Ѻ)

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