Louis-Marie Vincent nsIn hmolscience, Louis-Marie Vincent (c.1940-) is a French electromechanical engineer and biophysical chemist noted, in cessation thermodynamics, for his 1988 to 2002 publications on the physics of resurrection.

In 1988, Vincent, in his Can We Believe in Resurrection, speculated on life and death in a modern scientific context; this gist of his theory being that: [1]

“The brain is a machine that obeys the laws of thermodynamics.”

but that the spiritual element called the soul is a type of quantum field attached to superluminal particles. Curiously, he also has theories on how love is a form of thermodynamic potential, that may be converted into heat and movement, and how the brain, being comprised of matter and energy, thus obeying the laws of matter and the laws of thermodynamics, may act in a “change of state” of energy at the time of death. [1]

In 2002, Vincent, in his Other Logic of Living, used physical methods, such as information and analysis of form, to model the living being as a whole and to present a new definition of life; the following quote gives a glimpse of Vincent’s perspective: [2]

“Not only do we not really know what life is, but we are not quite sure what death is either.”

Vincent cites Henri Bergson and Pierre Teilhard, among others. On the basis of Teilhard’s The Phenomenon of Man, for instance, Vincent discusses how love is a form of energy (Teilhard’s view), which may act as a type of potential that may be transformed into movement, movement into heat, and so on; but that there is also production of entropy. Using Belgian thermodynamicist Ilya Prigogine as a basis, Vincent explains various facets of death and near-death-experiences via concepts such as conservation of energy, entropy generation, thermodynamic time, etc., postulating that actions in which individual die for a time and then come back to life signifies that death is a "reversible phenomenon" similar to the heating and contraction of an iron bar.

Vincent completed his MS in electromechanical engineering and his PhD in biology and physical chemistry. He is a former professor of the University of Paris. [3]

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Further reading
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