Mary SomervilleIn existographies, Mary Somerville (1780-1872) (IQ:165|#441) [RGM:911|1,500+] (Siegfried 10:5) (GFG:#), was a Scottish mathematician, astronomer, and science writer, aka “queen of 19th-century science” (Ѻ), mathematics tutor to Ada Lovelace, noted for []

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“In astronomy, we perceive the operation of a force which is mixed up with everything that exists in the heavens or on earth; which pervades every atom, rules the motions of animate and inanimate beings, and is as sensible in the descent of a rain-drop as in the falls of Niagara; in the weight of the air, as in the periods of the moon.”
— Mary Somerville (1846), On the Connection of the Physical Sciences (Ѻ)

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