A general visual of how the Egyptian god Nun (or Nu) (3100BC) became the Jewish patriarch Noah (or Nuh) (500BC). [1]
In religio-mythology, Noah, or “Nuh” (Islam), is the Jewish recension (see: recension theory) rescript, via the god-turned-patriarch method, of the Egyptian water god Nun. [1]

The following are noted quotes:

“It seems from what we hear on all sides that the Christian religion is a huge blunder; that the Mosaic account of the creation is an absurdity large enough to throw all nations into rollicking guffaw; that Adam and Eve never existed (see: Adam and Eve never existed); that the ancient flood and Noah's ark were impossibilities; that there never was a miracle; that the Bible is the friend of cruelty, of murder, of polygamy, of all forms of base crime; that the Christian religion is woman's tyrant and man's stultification; that the Bible from lid to lid is a fable, a cruelty, a humbug, a sham, a lie.”
Robert Ingersoll (c.1882), “The Plague of Infidelity” (ΡΊ)

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