Papin digester (1680)
An 1680 version of the Papin's digester, built by Denis Papin, from Robert Thurston's A History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine (1878). [3]
In engines, Papin digester (TR:22) or Bone digester, was a type of pressure cooker the liquefied bones and other hard materials via high heat and pressure conditions.

In 1679, French engineer Denis Papin invented what he called a "digester or engine for softning bones", aka "bone digester", or Papin's digester as it later came to be called. [1] The following is a 1681 version of the details of the digester: (Ѻ)

Papin digester (1681)

Early versions resulted in explosion, owing to the extreme pressures. Late version fixed this problem by adding on steam release valve.

It is said that by watching the steam release valve bob up and down that Papin conceived of the design of the steam engine, the Papin engine, as outlined in his 1690 memoir "A New Method to Obtain Very Great Motive Powers at Small Cost." [2]

The following are related quotes:

“I went this afternoon with several of the Royal Society to a supper which was all dressed, both fish and flesh, in Monsieur Papin’s digestors, by which the hardest bones of beef itself, and mutton, were made as soft as cheese.”
— John Evelyn (1682), diary note, Apr 12 [4]

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