Ronald KrizIn thermodynamics, Ronald D. Kriz (1948-) is an American engineer noted for his in depth work and online articles on graphical thermodynamics methods of Willard Gibbs, James Maxwell (Maxwell’s thermodynamic surface), James Thomson (Thomson’s thermodynamic surface), and the recent computer implementation of the latter in the works of Daniel Charles Coy. [1]

In 2007, Kriz, in his “Thermodynamic Case Study: Gibbs’ Thermodynamic Graphical Method”, began detailing some of the graphical thermodynamics representations of Willard Gibbs; the following is an example of Kriz's illustrative work, which shows Maxwell's graphical model based on Gibbs' original graphical method; information highlighted in light blue shows a connection to the equation of state: [2]

Maxwell-Gibbs surface (Kriz 2007)
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