Mantegna Rosario nsIn human physics, Mantegna Rosario (1960-) is an Italian physicist and econophysicist noted for his 1990 to present work in econophysics.

In 1990, Rosario began promoting econophysics, via the area of the analysis and modeling of social and economic systems with tools and concepts of statistical physics.

In 1991, Rosario published the first econophysics paper in a physics journal, according to some; and in 1995, co-authored the first econophysics paper in Nature.

In 1999, Rosario began teaching econophysics.

In 2006, Rosario did the first English translation of Italian engineer-physicist Ettore Majorana’s circa 1933 article “The Value of Statistical Laws in Physics and Social Sciences.” [1]

In 1999, he published the first book on econophysics; after earning his tenured position in 1999, he founded the Observatory of Complex Systems, a research group of the Department of Physics of Palermo University, focused on econophysics. [2]

Rosario co-wrote the 2000 book Introduction to Econophysics with American physicist Eugene Stanley. [3]

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