Samuel BochartIn existographies, Samuel Bochart (1559-1667) was a French Protestant biblical scholar, student of Thomas Erpenius (1599-1667) (Ѻ), teacher of Pierre Huet, noted for doing work on the Bacchus-Moses connection (see: Osiris, Dionysus-Bacchus, and Moses), e.g. pointing out that they were both buried in unknown tombs (see: Moses pens his own death problem).

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“Both Bacchus and Moses were born in Egypt, shut up in an "ark," and put on the waters. Both fled from Egypt toward the Red Sea and had serpents (in Moses' case, a bronze serpent). For both, water flowed from a rock and milk and honey were provided. Both were called legislators, turned sticks into snakes, saw light in the darkness, and had unknown tombs.”
— Samuel Bochart (c.1650) [1]

1. McDermott, Gerald R. (2000). Jonathan Edwards Confronts the Gods: Christian Theology, Enlightenment Religion, and Non-Christian Faiths (pg. 191). Oxford University Press.

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