photo neededIn existographies, Samuel Fales Dunlap (1825-1905) (CR:19) was an American religio-mythology scholar, cited by Hilton Hotema (1956), noted for []

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“The Babylonians believed that all was originally a watery chaos. The Hindus said that Brahma created the waters first. ‘He thought I will let worlds issue from me: and he let them issue; Water, Light, Perishable Matter, and the Waters [heavens]. Water was above the heaven which carries it. The circle of the air encloses the light, the earth contains the perishable, and in the deep are the waters.’ In the Cosmogony in Manu, ‘He, the Invisible, the Unfolded, the Eternal the Soul of all beings, the Inconceivable; streamed forth in light. He first created the waters.’ In Genesis, the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters.”
— Samuel Dunlap (1858), Vestiges of the Spirit History of Man (pg. 136)

“The fire-god of Ur was Ab-Ram. The Hebrew world ‘Ab’ means ‘father’, and Ram (head sign of the Zodiac) means ‘most high’. Ab-Ram and Is-Ra-El were names of Saturn.”
— Samuel Dunlap (1858), Vestiges of the Spirit History of Man; cited by Hilton Hotema (1956) [1]

“The Hebrew religion stepped out from the noblest side of the Dionysus-worship, influenced, no doubt, to some extent by Persian and Babylonian ideas, but still retaining the Phoenician impress.”
— Samuel Dunlap (1861), Sod: the Mysteries of the Adoni [2]

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● Dunlap, Samuel F. (1860). Sod: the Son of the Man (pdf). Publisher.
● Dunlap, Samuel F. (1894). The Ghebers of Hebron (pdf). Publisher.

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