photo neededIn hmolscience, Samuel Gorvy (c.1930-) is South African scientist note for his 1970 booklet The Living Entity, wherein he posits that “a living system suspends the law of entropy”, defines a human as a “chemical molecule” (and or a “human molecule”, depending), gives a formula (or molecular formula) of an organism (see: human molecular formula), all centered around a theory of abiogenesis. [1]

Human | Chemical molecule
The following are a few book snippets of Gorvy's man as "chemical molecule" with formula discussions:

Gorvy (formula of organism)

Man (as chemical molecule)
Gorvy (human molecule)

The following is a 1971 snippet review abstract of Gorvy’s book: [2]

“Considering the principle of life as that which stands opposed to entropy, Dr. Samuel Gorvy of Johannesburg has ... In his discussion on how life evolves, Gorvy draws upon a vast store of information and an impressive list of authorities.”

The reviewer goes on to say that Norbert Wiener’s conclusions support Gorvy’s final thesis.

Quotes | By
The following are quotes by Gorvy:

“…. the law of entropy -- can be achieved only by drainage from other systems which, then, with regard to life, are its food. The living molecule becomes a unicellular and then a multicellular organism.”
— Samuel Gorvy (1970), The Living Entity (pg. 83)

1. Gorvy, Samuel. (1970). The Living Entity (entropy, 29+ pgs; man as chemical molecule, pgs. 51-52; organism, formula of, pgs. 51-52; human molecule, pgs. 51-52). [Cape Town] Nasionale Boekhandel [i.e. Tafelberg Publishers].
2. Author. (1971). “Is Man Doomed?”, Jewish Affairs, 46:45-46.

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