SPE (Einstein's brain)
A chapter section, from the 2007 book 101 Things You Should Know, on intelligence, IQ, smartness (brightness), and speculation on the query “smartest person ever”, examples of which given include: Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Archimedes, Michelangelo, and or Leonardo Da Vinci. [1]
In genius studies, smartest person ever is an epitaph assigned to small number of individuals, historically, as are shown in rank descending order on the genius IQs table.

In cultural reference, when queried, people tend to name German-born American Albert Einstein as the "smartest person ever", yet, in actually, although little known, outside of literary circles, and in America, in particular, the smartest person ever, namely German polyintellect Johann Goethe, was the person whom Einstein kept a bust of in his study and whose collected works set took up the largest portion of his personal library.

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1. Horne, Richard and Turner, Tracey. (2007). 101 Things You Need to Know: and Some You Don’t (pgs. 86). Bloomsbury.

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