In art thermodynamics, thermodynamics tattoos are tattoos involving thermodynamics quantities, such as energy E or entropy S, formulas, equations, or key terms. Some of these are tabulated below, shown chronologically.


Entropy tattoo (2005) Quote: “This tattoo means a lot to me because I was diagnosed with Manic-Depressive Illness right before I got it. It is just a reminder of all the blood, sweat, and tears that I’ve been through to be where I am today.”
2005; on arm of man; attending school at ITT Tech; who lives in Waynesboro, PA. [8]
Boltzmann equation tattoo (stomach) Quote: “I think that capo3433’s Boltzmann equation tattoo is the geekiest tattoo I’ve posted in quite a long time (I’m assuming he understands it, but he says he’s not very good at math!). It’s done by Kimsu at Body Graphics in NJ. If you’re wondering, s = k log w is a measure of entropy in this case.” S = k log W
(S = k ln W)

● Formulate by Max Planck in 1901, based on Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann's 1882 H-theorem.
On stomach of man named Capo, 2006. [7]

E=mc2 (tattoo)On the other arm, to note, is Newton's second law of motion F = ma.E = mc²
(mass energy equivalence)

● Formulated in 1905 by Albert Einstein
On front right forearm of a man, Oct 2007. [1]

Entropy tattooQuote: “My first year of college, I wanted to be an English major, and I took intro chemistry to fill the science requirement. The brief unit on thermodynamics made me fall totally in love. Entropy made sense to me - scientifically, philosophically. I became a chemistry major and love every second of it. I got the tattoo to mark my rite of passage - Entropy going both ways, with its symbol delta S in the middle, all supported in the roots of Yggdrasil, the world-tree of Norse mythology (harking back to my English-lit days).”Entropy change ΔS

● Formulated in date by person?
Written, going both ways, on the back of Abigail Garcia, March 2007. [2]

Entropy tattoo (2008)Quote: “I’m currently a PhD student in chemistry, specializing in polymer synthesis. I got this tattoo at the very beginning of my graduate studies (almost three years ago), for many reasons (one of which was to keep me from ever backing out) The tattoo is of electromagnetic radiation that spirals into a polymer chain, which forms an “S” for entropy and then unravels … kind of how we all do. It exhibits my love of science, chemistry, and my general beliefs on life, the universe, and so on.” (link)

Irreversibility tattoo Quote: “the hand represents the capacity of the human mind to analyze and understand natural phenomena [such as] the power and imperative of irreversibility.” Clausius inequality

● Formulated in year by Rudolf Clausius?
On left palm of man, 2008. [3]

Entropy tattoo (foot)Quote: "Beauty is the entropy of a starlit sky." Only a few people, namely: Leon Winiarski, Arthur Eddington, Mehdi Bazargan, James Lovelock, Libb Thims, and Jing Chen, have speculated on possible relations between entropy and beauty. On left foot of 24-year-old female named franchise. [6]

Entropy generation (tattoo)Quote: “equation describing entropy, symbolizes destruction, simply stating that this fundamental breakdown of systems and accumulation of disorder either increases or stays the same over time, but never decreases.” Entropy production
(Entropy change per unit time)

● Formulated in date by Prigogine?
On right upper back of Alison, a high school physics teacher, 2009 [4]

entropy tattoo (200px)Quote: “I got this last week and I’m sure you know, it’s the second law of thermodynamics (the original equation, by Clausius) before –N even represented entropy. I’m not a physics or math major, I’m a female philosophy person. I really do love physics, though, and I’m about to leave my home country and all my undergrad friends behind and go to do my MSc at the London School of Economics. So the sentiment behind this is that now, after undergrad, we begin to disseminate. Entropy. It’s also a great boyfriend filtration system: ‘Can I have your number?, Wait, what’s this mean?, Um … I don’t know?, Too bad, you were cute (walk off).”Principle of the equivalence of transformations
(using the 1875 inexact differential notation δ of German physicist Carl Neumann)

● Formulated in 1854 by German physicist Rudolf Clausius.
On the inner left forearm of a newly graduated philosophy student Ivanka. [5]

The following are related tattoos:


Lucky me, lucky mud (tattoo) A truncated meaning of the a discussion between God and mud in American writer Kurt Vonnegut’s 1963 Cat’s Cradle, on purpose in the context of the creation by clay myth as it is known to most Abrahamic faiths as the Adam and Eve story as told in the story of Genesis; a section of which is shown below:
Lucky mud (Kurt Vonnegut)
● Vonnegut, Kurt. (1963). Cat’s Cradle (pg. 265). RosettaBooks, 2002.
Lucky me, luck mud (2010) –

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