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A rendition of Thims as an undergraduate chemical engineering thermodynamics student ruminating on how chemical thermodynamics would, in theory, be applied to reactions between humans, relationships conceptualized as chemical reactions; it would be some two decades later that he would begin to ferret out the details of this intricate puzzleone filled with glass walls, forest-tree issues, ships not seen paradoxes, one nature (vs. two nature) issues, terminology reform issues, among othersinto the form of a initial stage working draft textbook. [1]
In mononyms, Thims (CR:124), a reverse anagram of "Smith", is the surname of American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims.

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The following are categorized listing of books by subject from Thims personal research library:

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Collected works
Libb Thims (collected works); Libb Thims (books)
The following are a portion of Libb Thims' 10+ volume set of collected works, as of 2013:

Libb Thims (publications)

The following are a few recent mononym quotes:

Thims is [a walking] encyclopedia of human thermodynamics.”
Milivoje Kostic (2013), introduction to Thims’ 16 Apr NIU talk [2]

“I think [Thims] HumanChemistry101 is a pretty cool guy, he ranks IQ and doesn’t get afraid of anything [or] official IQ rankings. Why do people get so worked up over IQ? Because they’re scared little monkeys.”
— IJustWantToSignIn (2013), comment (Ѻ) on IQ 200+ | Smartest person ever (4 of 4), Nov 10.

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2. (a) Kostic, Milivoje. (2013). “Introduction of Speaker Comments”, in: full video (time: ), Apr 16.
(b) Thims, Libb. (2013). “A Guidemap to Human Chemical Thermodynamics: Goethe's Elective Affinities to Human Free Energies” (abs) (NIU announcement) (cover) (main) (full video) (abs video), Lecture to mechanical engineering thermodynamics students (professor: Milivoje Kostic), Northern Illinois University (NIU), Apr 16.

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