In symbols, W can refer to work done by force on a body, in physics or thermodynamics, or, in statistical mechanics and statistical thermodynamics, to the multiplicity or complexions of the particles of a Boltzmann-type system

The multiplicity, W, from the German Wahrscheinlichkeit (meaning probability), is the number of quantum states associated with the macrostate of a system. [1] The probability of a macrostate, for an isolated system, is proportional to its multiplicity.

For systems, comprised of N identical particles, which satisfy the Boltzmann chaos assumption, the entropy of the system is found to be proportional to the multiplicity of the system:

S = k ln W

1. Pauling, Linus. (1969). Chemistry (ch. 10.4: Entropy: the Probable State of an Isolated System, pgs. 350-54). Dover.

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