William CraigIn existographies, William Craig (1949-) (CR:7) is an American Christian apologist, noted for []

Craig has debated a number of prominent atheists; including:

Peter Atkins vs William Craig (1998)
Christopher Hitchens vs William Craig (2009) | Biola University

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The following are quotes by Craig:

“The assertion that ‘Osiris’ son Horus has the exact same bio of Jesus’ is just based on misinformation. This is garbage that’s spread on the Internet, that just isn’t true. What’s funny about this is that these people who say this kind of thing, never seem to quote the primary sources. They tell you that this is in Osiris OR Horus [see: Osiris-Horus], but you never see the primary sources quoted. When you look at the primary sources, you find out that they’re not at all parallel.”
— William Craig (2012), response (Ѻ)(Ѻ) to audience member who asks about the Osiris/Horus and Jesus parallel, Feb 24

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