William Giauque nsIn thermodynamics, William Francis Giauque (1895-1982) was a Canadian-born American chemist, of the Lewis school of thermodynamics, noted for being a mentor to American chemical engineer Frederick Rossini, and for his 1949 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his experimental work on the nature of the third law of thermodynamics. [1]

Another noted student of Giauque is American engineer Myron Tribus, a chemistry student at UCLA, whom Giauque taught thermodynamics and statistical mechanics to.

Giauque was a student of American chemist Gilbert Lewis at Berkeley receiving his bachelors there in 1920 and PhD in chemistry with a minor in physics in 1922. He later became a full professor of chemistry there in 1934, where he stayed until his retirement in 1962. Both Lewis and Giauque were teachers and mentors to American chemical thermodynamicist Frederick Rossini, one of the founders of political thermodynamics.

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