photo neededIn existographies, Abu Isa al-Warraq (c.815-870), aka “Muhamad al-Warraq” (Hecht, 2004), was an Arabian god skeptic, noted for []

Al-Warraq was the friend and mentor of mentor of Ibn al-Rawandi, the first so-labeled “radical atheist” of Islam, author of books such as Against the Koran and The Futility of Divine Wisdom.Al-Rawandi, in his The Book of Emerald (c.900), described a dialogue between himself and al-Warraq, at the beginning of which al-Warraq is portrayed as the most radical in his god doubt, but by the end of the book, al-Rawandi goes further than al-Warraq in his god doubt radicalness.

The surname of “Al-Warraq” was used as the pen name of Pakistani-born English ex-Muslim secular humanist (1995) turned atheist (2009) Ibn Warraq, for his 1995 book Why I Am Not a Muslim.

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God is an idiot, because he who orders his slave to do things that he knows him be incapable of doing, then punishes him, is a fool.”
— Abu al-Warraq (c.860) [1]

“That Muhammad could predict certain events does not prove that he was a prophet: he may have been able to guess successfully, but this does not mean that he had real knowledge of the future. And certainly the fact that he was able to recount events from the past does not prove that he was a prophet, because he could have read about those events in the Bible and, if he was illiterate, he could still have had the Old Testament read to him.”
— Abu al-Warraq (c.860) [1]

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