Aron Nelson sIn existographies, L. Aron Nelson (1962-) (FA:179), aka “AronRa” or Aron-Ra, pronounced RN (not “Aron-Ra”), is an American atheism activist noted for []

Aron-Ra | Namesake
In 2016, Nelson, in his Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism, stated the following about his Internet name: [1]

“My surname is no terrible secret, but it isn't my preference either. When I signed up for the Usenet group [e.g. “You Are an Ape” (2003) (Ѻ)] I needed a handle and quickly decided on Aron-Ra. Why? I wanted to give a nod to Amen-Ra (see: Amen-Ra) a composite of the Egyptian air god [Amen] and sun god [Ra], also known as Amun-Re, whom I see as a template for the god of Western monotheism.”

Here, to correct things, Amen was hardly the Egyptian air god (see: supreme god timeline), but rather the god representative of "hidden powers, unseen but everywhere" (Jordan, 1993). [3]

In 2006, Aron Ra launched his AronRa YouTube channel, which soon thereafter became a top ten atheism channel.

The following are quotes by Nelson:

“I don’t like being lied to. And I especially didn’t like being lied to as a child.”
— Aron Nelson (2011), response (Ѻ) as to what drives him to make his top 10 YouTube atheism channel [1]

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