Atheism Reviews word scramble
A screen image for the word scramble mnemonic for the belief system of modern “extreme atheism” (aka extreme realism), which is the driving force behind the Atheism Reviews show, namely:

A | Atomic theory: all atheists believe in the existence of atoms.
T | Thermodynamics: belief that the universe operates according to the laws of thermodynamics.
H | Enthalpy (H), aka "heat content": belief it is the measure of security in society, per the Rossini hypothesis.
E | Energy: belief that everything can be boiled down it, per mass-energy equivalency E = mc².
I | Ignorance: an understanding that 99% of people are ignorant to either thermodynamics or religio-mythology.
S | Entropy (S):
belief that it is the measure of freedom in society, per the Rossini hypothesis.
M | Matter: all atheists are materialists, i.e. believe in the existence of matter (or transformations per
E = mc²).
In video channels, Atheism Reviews playlist is the video playlist for the Atheism Reviews channel.

● What’s wrong with star dust oppressing star dust? (2012) | Riptime @ 2:21 (Ѻ)

● Jesus vs Cesar or Alexander? | Idiot America (2013) | IJ1:2:46 (Ѻ)

● Lawrence Krauss on Science Based Morality (2014) (Ѻ)
● Lawrence Krauss vs Michael Behe (2005) | Reviewed (Ѻ)
● Michael Shermer vs Stephen Meyer (2005) | Reviewed (Ѻ)

● David Silverman (2015), being queried about atheistic morality, conservatism, founding fathers, the atheist leader murder supposition (e.g. Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, etc.) etc., at the CPAC 2015 convention (Ѻ)

Mar-Apr | 2015
● Examining the stigma of atheism | CNN (Ѻ)

● Bill O’Reilly vs Richard Dawkins (Ѻ)

● Hannity (Christian) vs. David Silverman (atheist) (Ѻ)
● Hannity (Christian) vs. Hitchens (atheist) (Ѻ)

● Dawkins vs Lennox (Ѻ)
● A Muslim Who Hates Atheists | Richard Dawkins (Ѻ)
● Muslim vs Confused Theist | First Cause (Ѻ) (Ѻ)

● Christopher Hitchens (Atheist) vs Frank Turek (Christian) | Debate One (2008) (Ѻ)

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The following are Thor picks:

● Frank Turek (Christian) vs Dennis Normark (Nontheist) | 2014 (Ѻ) (Ѻ)

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