Bill MaherIn existographies, Bill Maher (1956-) (RMS:126) (CR:5) is an American comedian, talk show host, atheism-agnostic sided religion commentator, and liberal-sided political satire commentator, noted for []

In 2008, Maher, in his film Religulous, ridiculed the idiocy of various aspects of religious, juxtaposed with atheism and rationalism.

In 2008, Maher, in his Real Time with Bill Maher show, interviewed Richard Dawkins, during which time Dawkins stated that his Dawkins number was 6.9.

In 2014, Maher, in his in his Real Time with Bill Maher show (Ѻ), had Sam Harris pitted against what seems to have been a coked-up (Ѻ) Ben Affleck, during which time Affleck famously exploded in a discussion of radical Islam.

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Political correctness is the elevation of sensitivity over truth.”
— Bill Maher (2018), definition (Ѻ) he gave people in response to his 1990s show Politically Incorrect

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