Birthday (card)
A humorous birthday card referring to "birth" as the day a person emerged from the womb; which is technically-correct, being that a human is a molecule (see: human molecular formula) and molecules are not "born" and do not "die", but do move in and out of cavities and adhere and detach from things.
In terminology, birth is a colloquial albeit defunct (see: defunct theory of life) name to the start day of an entities out-of-womb state motile reaction existence; the upgrade term being “reaction start” (see: life terminology upgrades).

The term “birth” is non-chemical thermodynamically neutral term, largely associated with the olden religio-mythology based theory of life notions; but as English physiologist Charles Sherrington correctly put it in 1938 “chemistry does not know the word life”; hence, chemistry also does not know the word “birth”, being that atoms and molecules, as chemistry understands things, are not “born”, but are synthesized, and do not “die”, but are analyzed.

The formation or rather synthesis of a human, to exemplify, tends to colloquially be seen through the following overview type of chemical reaction:

 Man + Woman \to Baby \,

Technically, however, this reaction occurs through the process or rather mechanism of what is called a double displacement reaction (see: human reproduction reaction), of the following form:

           AB + CD \rightarrow AC + BD   \,

where AB is a male, with internal component active sperm B, put in contact or reaction orbital proximity to CD, a female, with internal component active egg D, which through interaction mechanisms, inclusive of sexual interactions, over time, yield products AC, a newly formed couple, and BD, the sperm B and egg D joined into the form of a new human molecule, which at the adulthood stage, circa age 15, begins to detach from the parental structure AC.

Nowhere in this continuous reaction mechanism can it be said that any of the component reactants or products are "alive", were "born", or "died", these being but carry-over terminologies from olden religio-mythology based theories of human intellectual heritage.

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