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Left: A chemistry of love stylized alphabet chemistry example of using element abbreviations to construct grammatical phrases, such as "I Love You", in the form of image message. Right: A chemical alphabet style depiction of the elements of relationship chemistry: friendship, family, parents, sex and dating.
In terminology, chemical alphabet, alphabet chemistry, or “chemical letters”, refers to the use of the letter abbreviations of the elements of the periodic table, e.g. A [Ar] (Argon), B [B] (Boron), C [C] (Carbon), D [Dy] Dysprosium, etc., to construct meaningful grammatical phrases or statements, often in the form of greeting card or posters, with an implied underlying "chemical" connotation, connection, or basis.

Such iconic representations are generally in the embodiment of the science of human chemistry, but since the subject is not part of the standard global education curriculum, recourse to this type of poetic chemistry (poetry chemistry), often around the time of Valentine's day (February 14), is common.

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