Constantin Udriste In existographies, Constantin Udriste (1940-) is a Romanian mathematician noted for his 2003 to 2008 publications, with Massimiliano Ferrara, in an attempt to extend the entropy ideas of Nicholas-Georgescu Roegen to the economic systems, e.g. a model for the equilibrium of the European Union.

In 1971, Udriste completed his PhD in mathematics, with a thesis on “Almost Coquaternion Structures”, at Babe-Bolyai University, Romania, in 1964 became a professor at Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, then chair of mathematics in 1990, and dean of faculty of applied sciences in 2005, and is presently retired. (Ѻ)

Further reading
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Constantin Udriste (faculty) – University of Politehnica of Buchares.

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