In thermodynamics journals, Entropy is an open access, online journal devoted to publications on entropy, including thermodynamic, informational, and mathematical varieties of entropy. [1] In addition, in connection to human thermodynamic topics, the Entropy journal caters to publications in economics and philosophy, among others.

In 1999, the Entropy journal was launched primarily through the efforts of Chinese chemist Shu-Kun Lin who says he was confused about the "two main kinds of entropy", i.e. Clausius-based and Shannon-based, figuring that a journal would help sort the matter out.

As of 2015, the journal has diversified into five main sections, each with a “section” editor in chief:

Thermodynamics | Milivoje Kostic
Statistical mechanics | Antonio Scarfone
Information theory | Raul Martinez
● Quantum information | Jay Lawrence
● Complexity | Tenreiro Machado

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(b) Entropy (journal) – Wikipedia.

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