Francois CellierIn human thermodynamics, Francois E. Cellier (1948-) is a Swiss electrical engineer and computer scientist noted for []

In 1991, Cellier, in his chapter "Modelling in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics", voiced his opinion that a PhD dissertation on the thermodynamics of macroeconomics (economic thermodynamics) would be a very worthwhile topic; his full statement on this is as follows: [1]

“We have discussed thermodynamics from a systemic rather than a phenomenological viewpoint. We have seen that bond graphs present us with a tool to ensure adherence to physicality in modeling thermodynamic systems … bond graphs [however] are quite meaningless when applied to the description of mathematical equations bare of their physical interpretation. It is therefore not currently feasible to apply bond graphs to the description of a macroeconomic model, for example, since we don’t know what energy conservation means in such a model.

What does economic power mean in a system theoretical rather than in a political sense? We don’t know? Consequently, we cannot define a set of adjugate variables that describe the behavior of a macroeconomy. However, I would like to go one step further. While I cannot prove this to be correct, I am personally convinced that any real system that can meaningfully be describe by a differential equation model—and macroeconomic systems are among those without any question—possesses some sort of ‘energy’ that obeys the law of conservation of energy. It is just that, to my knowledge, nobody has ever looked into systems, such as macroeconomies, from quite that perspective and tried to formulate a meaningful and consistent definition of the the terms ‘energy’ and ‘power’, and from there derived a set of adjugate variables, the product of which is ‘power’. This would be a very worthwhile topic for a PhD dissertation.”

On Cellier's "to my knowledge" comment, a perusal of the 500+ theorists listed on the HT pioneers page, with economic icons adjacent to their names, would certainly shed light on the great underground history of economic thermodynamics.

Cellier completed his BS in electrical engineering in 1972, his MS in automatic control in 1973, and his PhD in in 1979 in technical sciences in 1979 all at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. In 2005, Cellier became professor emeritus of computer engineering at the University of Arizona.

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1. Cellier, Francois. (1991). Continuous System Modeling (§8: Modelling in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics, pgs. 297-345; quote, pg. 330). Springer.

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