George GurdjieffIn existographies, George Gurdjieff (c.1872-1949) was Russian-born French mystic philosopher or “esoteric teacher” (Najovits, 2003), noted for []

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In early adulthood, according to his own account, Gurdjieff's curiosity led him to travel to Central Asia, Egypt, Iran, India, Tibet and Rome before he returned to Russia for a few years in 1912.

In 1915, Gurdjieff, met P.D. Ouspensky in Moscow, during which time or shortly thereafter, Gurdjieff said the following:

Christianity was not invented by the fathers of the church. It was all taken in a ready-made form from Egypt, only not from the Egypt that we know but from one which we do not know. This Egypt was in the same place as the other but it existed much earlier...prehistoric Egypt was Christian many thousands of years before the birth of Christ.”
— George Gurdjieff (c.1915), reported (Ѻ) by P.D. Ouspensky; cited by Simson Najovits (2009)

In 2003, Simson Najovits was citing Gurdjieff as having made some “links between Egyptian religion and Christianity.” [1]

1. Najovits, Simson R. (2003). Egypt, Trunk of the Tree, Volume 1: A Modern Survey of and Ancient Land (pg. 41). Algora.

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