In existographies, George St. Clair (c.1833-1910) (RMS:70) was an English geologist, anthropologist, and biblical archeologist, noted for []

In 1907, St. Clair, in his The Secret of Genesis: an Astro-Religious Record, after opening to a quote by Origen, attempted to surmise the astro-theological basis of Genesis, e.g. Cain and Abel. [1]

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“What man of sense will think that there was a first and second and third day, evening and morning, without any sun, moon, or stars? And who would be so stupid as to imagine that god, after the fashion of a human gardener, had planted a garden in Eden towards the East, and set in it a tree of life that should be seen and felt, so that one who ate of its fruit with his bodily teeth should acquire life? Why need I say more when anyone who is not blind can quote multitudes of such examples, written down as though they had occurred, and yet never having occurred in the literal sense?”
Origen (c.230), Publication; quoted by J. Armitage-Robinson (1904); cited by George St. Clair (1907) in The Secret of Genesis (pg. 5)

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“It is the astronomical and time-measuring key that has been used by a few writers who have endeavored to understand the Book of Genesis, such as Railston Skinner and George St. Clair. Their explanations are, however, very difficult.”
— Author (1926), “Article” (pg. 377), The Theosophist

1. St. Clair, George. (1907). The Secret of Genesis: an Astro-Religious Record -- The Legends and Their Interpretation, from the Fall of the Angels to the Building of the Babel Tower (pg. 108-10). Francis Griffiths.

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