Willard Gibbs (wall statute)
A wall statue, with name Gibbs engraved, of American engineer Willard Gibbs (at Yale University), captioned as "discoverer and interpreter of the laws of chemical equilibrium", the central founder in the history of chemical thermodynamics.
In science, Gibbs [CR:188] is the surname of American engineer Willard Gibbs (1839-1903).

The following is a listing eponymous Willard Gibbs terms:

Gibbsian thermodynamics
Gibbsian school
Gibbs collected works
Gibbs energy
Gibbs energy flow
Gibbs energy of attraction
Gibbs energy of repulsion
Gibbs entropy
Gibbs equation
Gibbs free energy
Gibbs free energy change
● Gibbs function
Gibbs fundamental equation
Gibbs landscape
Gibbs stamp
Gibbs tombstone
Gibbs and Goethe
Gibbs-Clausius equations

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