John Fenn nsIn thermodynamics, John Fenn (1917-2010) is an American chemist noted for his 1982 book Engines, Energy, and Entropy: a Thermodynamics Primer, in which he quotes Willard Gibbs as being the ‘greatest thermodynamicist of them all’. [1] Fenn is also a Nobel Prize winner in thermodynamics, for his 2002 win in chemistry, for his work in the field of mass spectrometry, specifically for the electrospray ionization technique often used to identify and analyze biological macromolecules.

Fenn completed his PhD in thermodynamics on “The Thermodynamics of Hydrochloric Acid in Methanol-Water Mixtures” at Yale University in 1940.

1. Fenn, John B. (1982). Engines, Energy, and Entropy: a Thermodynamics Primer. W.H. Freeman and Co.

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